Barren Cat

New Cat Born

Umm, this is a new cat. A cat’s exclusive blog has been created. This blog will update some of my daily life and release new works from time to time. First time meeting, please take care 🍪

📝 Name and Origin 🍊

About my name Barren Cat. This name comes from the translation of my Chinese name. Barren happens to be similar to the social situation in my actual life, so I named it after barren. I hope I can meet more people and socialize more online Friends, also hope you can remember my Chinese name: 南荒喵

🎨 Character Creation 🍊

In terms of initial characteristics, beasts and cats are the main ones. The original intention is to be a cat lady, but who will maintain it? Well, I can only maintain it by myself. If I am a boy, then be a beast too? If I were shota, the sound would not match, so after a long time entangled in the internal heart, I decided to paint what I like. Later, I will play some games. The detailed character introduction will be described on the character setting page. I don't need to elaborate here. I only record some creative thoughts here.

📋 Expected 🍊

It is planned that this character will be mainly active on platforms such as YouTube / BiliBili , some dynamic notifications and the production of some new stickers will be posted on Twitter / Telegram , and illustrations will be released on Pixiv . The discussion is currently conducted on community platforms such as Telegram / Discord . The main content of the discussion is mainly character painting or those who like my role can participate in the exchange.

Finally, I wish you a happy reading. If you like, you can click on the about link next to the title, follow me on your favorite platform, thank you for your support 💖

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